My goal is to help great people serve and lead in the world with their unique skills, talents, and creative expressions. I know what happens out there and it’s bad! Really, really bad! I’ve seen the pain and consequences that stress, overwhelm, fear, uncertainties, doubts, and lack of clarity have on people. It saddens me, because I’ve watched so many amazing and talented people give themselves to a lives and careers that suck the life force right out of them–until they just cannot take it anymore. We deserve to live joyful, peaceful, and content lives, to be thriving in our highest potential, surrounded by great people with similar values and relationships that serve us well, but I have found that many just don’t know how to do it, are stuck trying to figure out the hows, and have been led to believe that suffering is just a way of life. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Client Stories

“Before I came to see you I was unsure about whether to stay in my current role that was burning me out or to pursue other options and get back into rebuilding my business. After our first session, I have much more clarity, direction, and ideas about how to move forward and I am already feeling so much relief. I am really looking forward to the following sessions.” -50 year old Business Development Executive and Entrepreneur in Career Reinvention Program

“Coming to you has been very helpful and I always feel better after our sessions. You are a genius and I love your ideas. I have renegotiated the terms of my position to contract with my company on my terms and I am working on proposals to contract with other companies, so that I can have more ownership over my work and life. Thank you for all of your help!”-45 year old Vice President Career Reinvention Program

“This program has been so helpful. I was so burnt out and crying every day about my job as a litigation attorney. You helped me to see opportunities that I didn’t know existed and reinvent myself using the skills and background that I have even though I was ready to throw it all away and walk away from law completely.”-30 year old Attorney in Career Reinvention Program

“The 360 degree feedback exercise was tremendously helpful in helping me see where my innate talents and skills are and who I am am professionally. After just two sessions, I already have a better sense of direction in my career when I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do when I started.”-38 year old Entrepreneur in Career Reinvention Program

“After just one meeting I am already feeling like I have a better sense of direction and the opportunities that exist for me. You are really easy to talk to and I can tell that you really care and are interested in my progress.”-38 year old Attorney, Miami in Career Reinvention and Career Discovery Program

“This has been really helpful. You have really good ideas and helped me to think of career options that I never would have considered.”-21 year old Yale Graduate Student in Career Discovery Program

“When I first went to see Kristen, I was in one of the most unhappy periods of my life. I did not know what goals I wanted to pursue with my career, or how to balance and prioritize my various life goals. Kristen helped me to introspect deeply and to really figure out what was most important to me in life. She was very encouraging and helped me to feel good about myself, to feel cheerful in the face of adversity, and to enjoy the present in spite of concerns about the future. I left every session feeling better than I had felt coming in, and after just a few sessions, I felt like I had a much better idea of what I wanted out of life and how to achieve it. Kristen is a very good listener, and she helped me to figure out what was really important to me by listening carefully to my scattered thoughts and helping me to organize them. Unlike another therapist whom I have worked with, I did not feel that Kristen was imposing any of her beliefs or values on me. Rather, she helped me to look inside myself better and provided me with psychological tools and technical expertise to deal with my challenges. She was full of practical ideas for concrete steps that I could take to understand myself and my options in life better. I recommend Kristen enthusiastically and without reservations to anybody who is struggling with their career goals or their path in life.” -University Professor, New York


“Kristen Tolbert is just as much an inspiring mentor as she is a career counselor. She taught me that the working world is primarily relationship building and the importance of connecting with people. Kristen challenged me to trust my instincts and coached me for the interview process that I had to tackle during the my unemployment phase. I managed to score a job about a few weeks after working with Kristen. I am so grateful for the lessons she taught me and recommend her counsel to not only job seekers but also to individuals seeking personal fulfillment.” -International Affairs, Washington DC


“Hi Kristen, It has been a while since we spoke and I wanted to give you an update. Turns out I started working with the national sports institute, 2 months ago. I am running the neuroscience lab and get to work with athletes. I really like it, because I am a consultant and have a great deal of control in what I can do. As far a my Neurofeedback practice goes, I have limited and try to screen my clients better. A close friend from high school who works in the health industry told me about a very interesting project with corporation which sounds challenging and profitable. We will see how that plays out. I just wanted I extend my gratitude for your helpful advice.” -Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Latin America


“Kristen has been instrumental in getting my mindset right. When I left my job and made a tough career transition while starting my M.B.A, meeting with Kristen was something I actually began to look forward to. It was a relaxing environment the minute we first met and there  was a good vibe/aura to all the meetings. The time flexibility she provides was also very helpful because as you can imagine my schedule was a very busy one just like many others. Kristen not only has great tips and advice to help everyone with their issues/struggles, she has great connections to important people and resources such as resume writers and certain department heads. I will most certainly recommend other clients to her as a result of seeing her work as she has armed me with the tools to become successful.” –Financial and Technology Professional / MBA Student, Delray Beach, FL


“Kristen helped me a lot to refocus and redefine myself after feeling burnt out with my career path. Thank you, Kristen!” -Entrepreneur, Boca Raton


“Things are going great for me. I love my job and they love me too. I’ve been with them for 4 months and it looks like I’m getting a promotion very soon to management. I’m also an assistant women’s soccer coach the University. I contacted the coach on a whim and he needed somebody. That somebody is me!  So, things couldn’t be better at the moment. I’m achieving all the things I’ve been working for since we started our sessions and am pleased with my progress.” -Sports and Athletics Sales / Athletic Coach, PA


“I got the job! I am so happy and grateful for your help. It feels so much better to be working in a job and specialty that I love. I can breathe again! Thank you, Kristen!” –Attorney, Miami


“Kristen is the best! She helped me get out of my rut and move forward to achieve my goals. Before working with Kristen I was depressed, stressed, overwhelmed and stuck. I got a lot done and achieved my goals within 30 days just like she said I would. I am now working in a job I love, enrolled in an educational program and in a relationship. She is incredible!”–Healthcare Professional, Miami


“Kristen helped me go from totally stuck, overwhelmed, lacking clarity and direction around my future and my goals to enrollment in college and a fun full time job. She helped me identify my goals and break them down into achievable steps that took out the overwhelm for me. I finally feel like my life is in order! I could have never done this without her.” –Student, Miami, Florida


“Kristen helped me move through a challenging project that had me overwhelmed and stuck for a long time. She made it so easy to get everything done. I have now completed my project and met my goal. I wish I hadn’t waited so long!” –Attorney, Orlando, Florida


“I came to Kristen in tears about my life. I was so overwhelmed and stressed about EVERYTHING. She helped me to create a life plan and organize my life so that I could focus on what I needed to do to get everything in order again. I feel so much more hopeful and less stressed about my job, my relationship, my health, and MY LIFE!” –Banking Executive, Miami, Florida


“Kristen helped me reconnect with my passion for comedy and acting after many years stuck in a career and jobs that were painful. I now have clarity, direction and purpose toward my life dreams and goals again. It feels so good to be doing what I love again. I can’t believe I waited so long.” –Actor/Comedian/Writer, Cleveland, Ohio.


“Kristen helped me connect with my passion for interior design and get enrolled in college. I was so stuck and confused about what to do with my life. I now have my Bachelor’s degree and I am working as a designer. Now, I LOVE my life!” –Interior Designer, Gainesville, Florida


“Before I began working with Kristen I struggled with prioritization and execution in life as it pertained to my very ambitious goal setting. Every year since we began working together I have grown in a multitude of ways. At this point, I am happy to report that I am well on my way to attaining the things that I set out to do thanks in large part to her work and support. Not only have I gained valuable focus that has translated directly to success but I have also gained clarity on what truly matters and what things are actually within my control. The world is your oyster!” –Ken, Entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist, New York


“Kristen helped me start my part-time coaching practice by getting me through all of the overwhelming stuff and information overload that was blocking me. She helped me to see how I can use my books to also coach others and make money in multiple ways. She also helped me create a plan and get my mindset in order and gain clarity around my strongest skills, services, programs and direction that I wanted to go, so that I could be successful and stop spinning my wheels in a world full of endless information. I am so grateful that I found her!” –Entrepreneur/Author/Relationship Coach, Los Angeles California


“Kristen’s vision of the best of an individual, team and organization is inspiring to all. Her ability to problem solve with creative solutions brings out the best in others. Kristen continues to inspire me to be my best.”–Brooke Kelly, HR Director, Orlando, Florida


“Before I worked with Kristen, I was completely stuck, overwhelmed and stressed out. I was so burnt out and had NO idea what I was supposed to be doing in my professional life to move forward and get out of my rut. She helped me get clear on what I should be doing in my career and create a plan. I am much happier and at peace now and moving in a much more satisfying direction.” -Educator, Miami