Golf Lessons

By December 9, 2011Miscellany

I took golf lessons for about three years. My golf coach was consistently working with me on two things: my death grip and my rapid power swing. The problem with my grip was that I was holding the club so tightly that I was creating resistance and not letting the club do the work. The rapid swing problem resulted in lots of missed contacts with the ball and not getting distance. My coach insisted that I loosen my death grip and really slow down my swing to improve my game. I had to really slowwwwwww down my swing. Initially, it seemed contradictory to the results that I wanted to achieve because it just made sense that if I wanted the ball to go far I had to put a lot of power behind it. Well, I was wrong. Once I started practicing these two things, my game improved dramatically. My coach was even surprised at my ‘out driving’ the rest of the team. Same applies to the stuff in life. Holding on to things too tightly and rapid firing all over the place inadvertently creates resistance and blocks that hold us back. Sometimes we have to let go and really slow it down to get further ahead.

Are there any signs or clues showing up in your life suggesting that you should loosen up, let go, or slow down? 

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