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Careers Reinvented

A Guided Process for Leveraging Your Transferable Skills, Finding Career Direction, and Refining Your Personal Brand.™


Work AND Life. Integrated.

Gain clarity, make a plan, focus, take action, reach goals.
Create a life and career that makes you happy.


Working with Kristen

"Kristen is a very good listener, and she helped me to figure out what was really important to me by listening carefully to my scattered thoughts and helping me to organize them...I recommend Kristen to anybody who is struggling with their career goals or their path in life.”


What's Your Story?

Who are you? What lights you up? What do you do? How do you do it?


What's Your Mission?

Innovators, Creatives, Visionaries, Thinkers, Busy Minds, Role and Rule Breakers, Game Changers, Reinventionists, and Career Changers


Our Core Values

Define Success on Your Terms


Gain Clarity, Direction, and Focus to Master Your Career Goals

Where are you now? Where are you going? How will you get there?

The more you know about where you’re at, what your targets are and how you should be spending your time and resources, the better and faster results you will create and achieve.

Kristen discusses the Career Burnout Crisis
with Huffington Post Live

I work with bold achievers who want to connect with their futures and get extraordinary things done.

I help people see undiscovered opportunities and move forward with clarity, direction, and focus on achieving career and life goals. Achieve amazing results with resources, strategy, and support that you need. Master goal setting, eliminate obstacles, shift ineffective mindset, and apply effective solutions to move forward to desired outcomes and achieve personal satisfaction and success on your terms. We will work together to close gaps and solve problems, so that you are showing up smarter, stronger, and more effective in your career and life.

What do you really want out of life?
Where are you now?

My goal is to help great people show up unapologetically and serve the world with their gifts and talents to live lives that please them. I know what happens out there and it’s bad! Really, really bad! I’ve seen the consequences that stress, overwhelm, fear, uncertainties, doubts, and lack of clarity and focus have on people. It saddens me because I’ve watched so many brilliant, amazing, and talented people give themselves to lives and careers that suck the life force right out of them–until they just cannot take it anymore. We all deserve to live joyful, peaceful, and content lives, thriving in our highest potential, surrounded by great people with similar values and relationships that serve us well, but I have found that many just don’t know how to do it, are stuck trying to figure out the hows and have been taught to believe that suffering is just a way of life.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can ALWAYS create a new story! What’s YOUR new story?

The World of Work has evolved. The ways that we approach work must evolve too. People come here for practical, strategic, and creative solutions for their modern day career challenges.

Are you feeling the pain from not thriving in your potential? Are you unclear about who you really are and what you do? Do you have a big mission to accomplish and not sure how to tackle it? Are you bored? Feeling displaced, lost and disconnected from the world – from yourself? Are you needing more spunk? Are you burnt out, overwhelmed, OVER it? Dealing with fear, uncertainty, or doubts about your future? Are you getting in your own way? I really hope not, but it happens to all of us.

I work with smart, dynamic, extraordinary people who have found themselves stuck and burnt out in boring, stressful, un-fun, unfulfilling lives and careers that they have outgrown. I help them to reconnect with the truth’s of who they are and redefine how they approach life and work to achieve new goals for the future.

What is your Mission?

Ditch the old game and make your own damn rules?
Strategize your actions step-by-step with accountability and progress, so that you can reach a really bold goal?
Kick procrastination and stress in the ass and improve productivity?
Transform your career and life? Shake things up? Get out of a rut?
Find your place in the world and connect with your passion filled sweet spot?
Create more fun, creativity, and adventure in your career and life?
Add more color and excitement to your life and routine?
Reconnect with the truth of who you REALLY are and what you’re really meant to do in the world?
Gain clarity, direction, and focus in a busy world full of distractions or busy mind full of ideas and things to do?
Start a part-time business and moonlight on your day job? (EVERYONE should have at least a part-time business).
Create programs and systems to improve your work, grow your business, or better manage your time and priorities?
Step up your game, so that you can take control of your life and career?
Connect with “your” people who get you, support you, advise and help you?
Take on a really important delusional mission that will change the world? (Me too! – All great ideas start as grand delusions)

Where do you really want to be?
What do you need to get there?

Clarity and focus drive us to take intentional, deliberate, clear, and calculated action that propels us forward toward our goals. When we are clear about our destination, the resources and actions that are needed are easier to connect with creating intentional focus – Focus on what you do want to achieve, what really matters to you, and in a way that works best for you. 

Clarity and growth occur as a result of movement.

What does your future look like?

Goals Clarify and identify your target goals
Research and Discovery Gather critical information and intelligence to support your goals
Strategy Make a clear step by step action plan
Tools Connect with resources that will ensure your success
Solutions Manage obstacles that derail you
Application Execute strategies, plans, and new skills that take you to higher levels of success
Growth Define your next steps moving forward

Start achieving your goals in the next 30 days and show up smarter, stronger, and more productive than ever with renewed energy and enthusiasm about your future. No fluff. Deliberate, action packed, functional, and purposeful upward movement intended to deliver the results you want quickly. Achieve clarity, purpose, and direction with strategic action and a plan that ensures your forward progress.

Get started now and let’s talk about your career and future.

We will explore what is working for you, what is not, and what we need to do to get you to the place you want to be.

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